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Nuevo Comienzo Resort and Events Place

Nuevo Comienzo are known in catering such events that gives a client a successful and memorable experience. There are a handful of special milestones in life that deserve to be celebrated: A coming of age, A declaration of love, An eternal vow, A success Birthday party and Pre-nuptial. They are occasions full of meaning, yet they come once in a lifetime. These beautiful moments deserve nothing less than a picturesque setting like Nuevo Comienzo. This is where the occasions becomes extraordinary. Nuevo Comienzo is where perfect moments happen.

What We Offer

Indulge yourself with handful of special milestones

You do not need to look further than this
charming place to make your events or occasions
truly special - to toast, to success, to commemorate
to say, "I LOVE YOU", to celebrate parties,
to cherished the moment of family gathering.
This place, holds the most important moment in your life.
This is where ocassions becomes extraordinary.
We also caters other events like reunion, team-building,
christening and other customized events.

10 Reasons Why To Choose Nuevo Comienzo

1. Comfortable Accomodation
2. Attractions within the walking distance
3. Our price will surprise you.
4. "Homey-type" ambiance best for family gathering
5. Genuine and high quality service

6. Ease and speed of booking
7. Special offers for corporate clients
8. The atmosphere will ensure an unforgettable experience.
9. Experience funny moments
10. A great mixture of people